October 2017

Arnett High School Creative Writing Newsletter 2017-2018: Vol. 2, No. 3, September-October 2017

Inform ✦ Entertain ✦ Promote
Beta Events

The Beta Club once again completed a successful fundraiser! They sold 240 racks of ribs this for this year’s rib fundraiser, and  they plan to use the money they earned to attend the State Beta Convention in March. The Beta Club also volunteered to cut up fruit, which was donated by the Arnett Chamber of Commerce, to serve to the runners that participated in the rodeo weekend 5K, hosted by the Arnett Science Club. Look forward to them helping out on Kiwanis’ Kids Day!
Open House
We would like to thank everyone that attended the Open House on September 7th. We hope that you thoroughly enjoyed our tours and demonstrations.
Student Spotlight
(Morgan Carroll)

Q: Congratulations on being accepted into Oklahoma State University! Was this your first college of choice?
A: Yes, Oklahoma State University was my first choice. It has been a lifelong dream to attend OSU since I was a little girl.
Q: Are you still competing in beauty pageants?
A: Yes! It is a huge passion of mine. My goal is to make it to the Miss Oklahoma Competition one day.
Q: How is senior year so far?
A: Senior year has treated me amazingly so far! It is such an exciting experience. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this year has in store for me!
Q: You are participating in a lot of organizations this year. How do you juggle everything?
A: It is all about time management and prioritizing my obligations.
Q: Are you doing anything to prepare yourself for college?
A: Yes, everyday I am preparing and think about my life after high school. That goes as far as learning about taxes from my parents about taxes, learning financial priorities, thinking about what I am going to need to be on my own, and so much more.
Q: Have you done anything interesting this year?
A: I have had a very interesting and exciting year. One of the most interesting things I have done this year was attend Girls State. Interestingly enough, I learned all about the government and made some amazing friends at the same time! It was an amazing experience that I wish everyone could have.

Teacher Spotlight

(Bill Burcham)

(Alternative Education & Coach)
Q: Why did you decide to take a job at Arnett?
A: The offer of $20 million a year was too good to pass up.
Q: What sport do you coach?
A: Baseball, Basketball, Field Hockey
Q: Where did you originally live before coming here?

A: Due to the rules under the witness protection program I can’t say.

Q: How do Arnett kids compare to your previous students?

A: A touch less smelly but not by much.

Q: How did you become interested in sports?

A: Psycho parents made me play.

Q: Would tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

A: Little known fact, I was the first person to fly nonstop across the Atlantic in a squirrel suit.


NO SCHOOL October 23rd
FALL BREAK October 18th-20th

High School Softball
  • State Tournament
    • October 5th-7th
  • Leadership Summit at Grapevine, TX
    • October 26th 8am-27th 9pm
  • Meat Sale
    • October 9th 9am-November 6th 8am
  • Greenhand Quiz
    • October 17th 5pm-6pm
  • Sporting Clays
    • October 22nd 5pm-6pm
Speech, Drama & Debate

  • Stay Tuned!

  • Stay Tuned!
  • WOCD Auditions at Woodward
    • October 23rd
  • All-State Junior High Auditions 1st Round
    • October 28th 8am-6pm
  • Tulsa State Fair
    • September 28th 8am-October 8th 5pm
  • Parent-Teacher Conference
    • October 16th-17th 4pm-8pm
  • K20 Tech Training (Learning Team)
    • October 23rd 1pm-4pm
  • School Board Meeting
    • October 23rd 7pm-8pm
  • ACT Test
    • October 28th 8am-12pm

Fun Fact

The average woman uses her weight in lipstick every 5 years.
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