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September 2017

Arnett High School Creative Writing Newsletter 2017-2018: Vol. 2, No. 2, August-September 2017 Inform ✦ Entertain ✦ Promote _________________________________________________________________________________ Nursery Rhyme Upgrade The 5th and 6th grade music class are making nursery rhymes even better! All the kids got into groups and picked out a nursery rhyme. They then picked instruments that will help them tell their nursery rhyme’s story. After everyone has planned and practiced, each group presented their story for the class. The winners get to perform their story for the entire elementary. _________________________________________________________________________________
New Staff Arnett High School welcomes Mr. Burcham to the staff! Mr. Burcham is teaching Alternative Education and Physical Education in the high school building. We wish him the best of luck at Arnett High! ___________________________________________________________________________________ All About Science The 2nd grade cl…

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