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Arnett High School Creative Writing Newsletter 2016-2017: Vol. 1, No. 7, March-April 2016
Inform ✦ Entertain ✦ Promote

Yearbook Class Fundraiser Yearbook class will be hosting a fundraiser to raise money for the production of the 2017 Arnett Yearbook. They will be selling a variety of items ranging from jewelry and decorations to food and magazine subscriptions. If you are interested in participating in this fundraiser to support Yearbook, visit

Organization ID: 4472023 Members: Kaitlyn Schuster, Mercedes Estes, Kaylynn Fonnest, Allison Knowles, and Sydnie Lookingbill

Cooking for Kids A fun, friendly competition took place in the Arnett Cafeteria where students in grades 4-6 participated in a cooking contest: Cooking for Kids. Students had an opportunity to create an original meal and serve it to a panel of judges and then share with the audience.  The kids had to prep, cook, and serve their meal all the while keeping their area clean and organized. It was lots of fun…

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